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    SOLIDWORKS Donates 3D Design Software to the Fab Foundation for Worldwide Fab Lab Use

SOLIDWORKS Donates 3D Design Software to the Fab Foundation for Worldwide Fab Lab Use

August 10, 2014; Cambridge, MA – The Fab Foundation is pleased to announce a donation of 3D design software from the Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Corporation to the more than 350 facilities in the Fab Lab Network. Each official Fab Lab will be eligible to receive one Commercial license of the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD program Premium version. In addition, Fab Labs that are sites for the Fab Academy’s How to Build (Almost) Anything course will be able to get a 10-seat network license of the 3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Education Edition.

The donation was announced by Marie Planchard, SOLIDWORKS’ Director of the Education Community at the recent Fab10 International Fab Lab Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. “Since our founding in 1995,” explains Ms. Planchard, “SOLIDWORKS has wanted to be more than just a supplier. To formally achieve that goal, we instituted a number of programs that help users ranging from our active SOLIDWORKS Community to a project identifying startup companies that need technical support to assisting First Robotics teams. There are 28,000 schools that teach with SOLIDWORKS and 240 SOLIDWORKS user groups around the world with the underlying principle to share knowledge and expand capabilities for everyone to succeed in their design and digital fabrication projects.”

Fab Foundation Director Sherry Lassiter says the SOLIDWORKS contribution comes at a perfect time for Fab Labs. “As our network is growing, Fab Lab projects are becoming more complex. To support those projects, the Fab Foundation wants to provide Fabbers with the resources they need to produce the powerful digital fabrication work that is impacting lives around the world. The SOLIDWORKS contribution is a beautiful gift to everyone who participates in a Fab Lab.”Ms. Lassiter expands upon the importance of […]

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FAB10 Barcelona Newsletter

After gathering all the data & facts… we wanted to thank you for being a part of this amazing event! Amazing because it gathered 700+ FAB10 attendees from 50+ countries!

We had over 4000 visitors throughout the week! A Record 70 Fab Academy graduates (50% attended Fab10), 130+ global fab awards project submissions, 140+ paper submissions and 7392 tweets from 1779 contributors with 41 million impressions, it was a blast!

Over the weekend the Fab Festival opened its doors to all the citizens of the world with 10+ panel talks, 50+ short talks, 60+ workshops, 100+ demos! Monday’s symposium marked the beginning of Barcelona’s Fab City Pledge to become the first self-sufficient city on the planet.

Together we made a house & a car!
The  Endesa World Fab Condenser & the OS Vehicle in collaboration with Hewlett Packard were made with the collaborative work of many committed individuals, institutions & companies!
Endesa World Fab Condenser & OS Vehicle with HP
Gathered the Fab Textiles International Community!
The Fab Textiles exhibition brought together the the International Digital Fabrication Textile community in Barcelona for a week!

We celebrated the Global Fab Awards!
A partnership between the World Bank, USAID, Fab Foundation, AutoDesk & Intel! The awards in numbers: 414 votes from 30 countries, 7,178 pageviews of, 130+ project submissions and 8,64277 GB […]

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