After gathering all the data & facts… we wanted to thank you for being a part of this amazing event! Amazing because it gathered 700+ FAB10 attendees from 50+ countries!

We had over 4000 visitors throughout the week! A Record 70 Fab Academy graduates (50% attended Fab10), 130+ global fab awards project submissions, 140+ paper submissions and 7392 tweets from 1779 contributors with 41 million impressions, it was a blast!

Over the weekend the Fab Festival opened its doors to all the citizens of the world with 10+ panel talks, 50+ short talks, 60+ workshops, 100+ demos! Monday’s symposium marked the beginning of Barcelona’s Fab City Pledge to become the first self-sufficient city on the planet.

Together we made a house & a car!
The  Endesa World Fab Condenser & the OS Vehicle in collaboration with Hewlett Packard were made with the collaborative work of many committed individuals, institutions & companies!
Endesa World Fab Condenser & OS Vehicle with HP
Gathered the Fab Textiles International Community!
The Fab Textiles exhibition brought together the the International Digital Fabrication Textile community in Barcelona for a week!

We celebrated the Global Fab Awards!
A partnership between the World Bank, USAID, Fab Foundation, AutoDesk & Intel! The awards in numbers: 414 votes from 30 countries, 7,178 pageviews of, 130+ project submissions and 8,64277 GB of source files.

The Grand Prize Winners:
1st Price: W. Afate 3D Printer
2nd Price: AgIC – Silver-based circuit printing
3rd Price: 3D Printed Prosthesis

The Sensors for Global Development price went to MoMo (mobile monitor) & The People’s Choice Award to FABPONICS! The Autodesk Award went to Low Cost Prosthesis.

Thanks to the Global Fab Awards Jury:
Eva Clemente, Arturo Muente-Kunigami, Vicente Guallart, Tomas Diez, Massimo Banzi, Luciano Betoldi, Nadeem Mazen, Alastair Parvin, Mariona Ciller, Sherry Lassiter, Kamau Kachigi, Kate Gage, Eric King, Lucas Cappelli, Anna Waldman-Brown, Jesse Harrington Au & Nadya Peek!

Made Barcelona’s pledged to become a self-sufficient city!
During the FAB10 Symposium, the Barcelona City Mayor pushed the button to set the countdown to 40 yrs until Barcelona becomes a self-sufficient city & just opened the second public Fab Lab (Ateneu de Fabricació).

Highlights in Photographs:
You can enjoy & share them at our Facebook page Fab10Barcelona!

Fab City Symposium videos:
You can enjoy & share all the videos from the Symposium!

Fab10 Media Coverage:
The media coverage impact was huge! We will have them all on the website very soon & will announce it via twitter at fab10barcelona! Here are a few selected highlights:


Post Digital Node (English)
OSVehicle (English)
Forum For the Future (English)
Domus (English)

LeiPhone (Chinese)
Ultra-Lab (Spanish)

Goteo (Spanish)
Makery (French)

Thanks so much for an awesome FAB10! Really looking forward to see you next year in Boston!
And muchísimas gracias to our amazing sponsors!


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